Anne Marchand’s paintings transport us into virtual worlds that form themselves before our eyes. She presents visions of a reality that are alive with shifting space, moving color, and animated lines. These phenomena are embodied in the material reality of paint, along with a range of materials embedded in the work’s surface.

In recent works, paint appears in thick swaths, thin veils, rivulets, and in flows of enamel, ink, and acrylic. The interacting of differing viscosities forms liquid fields, reminiscent of weather systems and of biological growth. Marchand allows the poetic association in her paintings to arise naturally from the transit between above and below, the winding path, and the dissolving structure. There are the smaller incidents of patterned fabric, glass beads, along with stenciled words and diagrammatic images. And enlivening everything is color, emerging in multifarious ways: like a blush in a cloud, a tint in water, a harmonic chord, or a glowing fire.