Beauty in the Time of Ugly

In response to this ugly time we find ourselves, I decided to search for beauty so I could spend less time among the ugliness all around me.  It began with a memory, a rose, and a coincidence that made me want to photograph the rose.  It was April, 2020.  We had been sheltering in place for a few weeks hoping to escape the dreaded virus that continues to hunt us down.  Her peaceful color and lovely scent stimulated me to look around and notice the many signs of spring providing space the virus could not spoil.  Beauty was all around me, creating  the perfect place to dwell  during this ugly time.   Without thinking, I had been collecting beauty since the beginning of our lock down.  A gift of tulip buds became a cheerful early morning subject to photograph in the cold, March light of my kitchen.  I saw beauty in their opening and as they faded.  Enhancing each final spring flower image with a lace overlay, adding the shine of color pencil, then mending with thread would complete my peaceful place of beauty and I now invite you to go there with me.