Water Stories

My Waterstories images are inspired by my lifelong fascination with the powerful emotional quality of water. Water gives and sustains life. It also takes life. Living on the Monterey peninsula adds another layer of complexity. Surrounded by water, appearing idyllic, it is ironic that we may be unable to sustain our way of living for lack of water, an odd year of heavy rain not withstanding. Despite heated debate concerning the cause of changing climate, every year we see with our own eyes increasing frequency of massive devastation caused by extremes involving water with few implemented plans for meaningful large scale action. As an artist whose work involves mending and piecing broken parts of images of the world around me back together, it is natural for me to explore the seemingly futile idea of using needle and thread to mend troubled waters, stitch by tiny stitch, in the hope that humans will one day come together with real solutions, thus assuring a future for succeeding generations.