Designed for General Use

DESIGNED FOR GENERAL USE takes an irreverent look at the variety of structures that we impose on ourselves from the corporeal to the municipal. I am continually amazed and amused by the specificity of functions amongst the devices that we, as a very sophisticated animal, are able to conceive of and produce; e.g. eyelash curlers, bidets, cranes. The level of complexity we have reached is dazzling. There is a presumption that with this sophistication we can contain, organize, and control our bodies, our lives, or even natural forces, yet in most cases that attempt at order is a tenuous one, be it in a suburban kitchen or in a desert triage unit. Some of the “devices” in the exhibit conflate systems of the body with those of public utilities, highlighting a certain unpredictability in the face of our intricate interventions to control elimination, contamination and transformation,to name a few.