Memory Series


“This is  a very personal project for me as a close aunt whom I have been caring for during the past year has been diagnosed with the disease. It had become apparent that she could no longer live alone due to her advancing dementia. This was a woman who was incredibly smart and creative. To watch her slowly decline mentally has  been very difficult.”

— Wendy Maruyama, 2022


Memory Series, Maruyama’s most recent work, provides a place of reflection and contemplation. The series also utilizes her extensive knowledge of woodworking and furniture making practices.

These works have been inspired by her collaboration with the Salk scientist, Dr. John Reynolds. After visiting his lab at the Salk Institute, Maruyama began creating artwork that addresses Alzheimer’s Research and memory loss. The use of black lacquer harkens back to her study in Japan of Japanese lacquer: it also references the mirror form as having many roles of meaning–memory, loss of memory, aging, and the unknown.